Kardashian And Her Fur Bikini Are In Trouble With PETA

It’s not every day that you wear a fur bikini and decide to post four consecutive photos of the look on Instagram, but after all…you’re not Kim Kardashian. When it comes to Mrs. Kardashian West, all bets are off. So while Kardashian’s latest furkini posts don’t exactly make complete sense, I think we’ve all learned not to question Mrs. Kanye’s actions too much. While most of us aren’t thinking twice about her latest antics, PETA is unhappy about Kim K’s “furkini” photos and decided to let the whole world know of its disapproval — via Twitter, of course.

When you first see the bikini photos of Kardashian wholesale bikinis , if you’re anything like me, your first thought is, “Where on earth do you purchase such a look?” But then, once again, you realize it’s Kim we’re talking about and you move on. However, your mind keeps going back to the furkini because there are just so. many. questions to be asked here. And so it goes.

And while the whole outfit is a little bit laughable, PETA doesn’t think the photos are funny at all. In fact, it took to Twitter to describe just how unfunny they are.

Something tells me Mrs. Yeezus isn’t really affected by critics of her choices at this point, so who knows if she is offended by the tweet or will respond at all? At the end of the day, it is her life, her choices, and ultimately her brand. However, there something to be said for realizing you are an icon, and that wearing a bikini made of fur may not be the smartest choice. If not for the fact than it’s totally impractical, than perhaps for the fact that animals were killed to create an outfit that is totally impractical.

Fancy Running Shoes Really Do Seem to Make You Faster

For most of us, the best running new balance 410 womens shoe is whichever one feels the best when you run in it. But shoe companies have been claiming that certain shoes—especially Nike’s $250 Zoom Vaporfly 4%—save you so much energy that they actually make you faster. Now, we finally have data to answer that question, and it looks like Nike isn’t bluffing.

We have to be clear about the bias in this study: Nike funded it. But the experiments were carried out in a respected laboratory, Alex Hutchinson reports at Outside Online, and the results show that runners needed less oxygen, which means they weren’t working as hard. That translates to saving energy that you can use to push yourself to go faster. The full text of the study is available here.

For example, Nike booked a flat race track in an optimal location with several available dates in case of bad weather. They also had three athletes make the attempt; two dropped out during the run because they couldn’t keep up the pace. Kipchoge also had an an ever-changing group of hired runners blocking the wind for him; they swapped out every few miles so he was always following right behind someone who was keeping perfect pace on fresh legs.

Anti-rape underwear: it’s not a joke

Rape-preventing panties. underwear manufacturer You’d be forgiven for thinking they were a crude joke, but a clothing company in New York looks set to launch the line.

AR Wear pitched their product to crowdfunding site Indiegogo as “a clothing line offering wearable protection for when things go wrong”. With 10 days still to go on their campaign, they have already surpassed their funding goal of $US50,000.

“Rape is about as wrong as it gets,” they say in their brief.

“The only one responsible for a rape is the rapist and AR Wear will not solve the fundamental problem that rape exists in our world.”

But the brief goes on to say: “We developed this product so that women and girls could have more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault. We wanted to offer some peace of mind in situations that cause feelings of apprehension, such as going out on a blind date, taking an evening run, ‘clubbing’, travelling in unfamiliar countries, and any other activity that might make one anxious about the possibility of an assault.”

In the accompanying promotional video, there is disturbing (for all the wrong reasons) footage of girls walking past an African-American man while the voice-over talks of “risky situations”.

We then see a cutesy clip of a model checking herself out in the mirror while wearing the hot pants-style chastity belt, which comes with adjustable, lockable bands around the waist and legs. The locks are coded clock hands which the wearer can set to their own unique combination.

The clip then cuts to shots of the girl out clubbing followed by a creepy scene where someone tries to scissor and then slice through the pants with a knife.

According to the creators, the pants have been made using an “innovative skeletal structure which allows them to remain soft” but means they are cut and tear-resistant.

Unsurprisingly, they have been ridiculed.

“The perfect Christmas gift for the lady in your life,” quips one site. “These pants will a make a rape so inconvenient that the rapist won’t even bother” and “if the whole point of your magic anti-rape underwear is that an evil rapist can’t take them off, is it going to take me a really long time to undo all the secret locks if I have pee?”

There have been accusations that such garments are a form of victim-blaming, that the impetus on solving the problem shouldn’t rest solely on women and that instead perhaps anti-rape menswear should be developed, reminding them, in the lining on their clothes, not to rape.

Others have also pointed out that regardless of “anti-rape wear” a victim may be forced to remove the clothing themselves by threat of bodily harm.

But others have been more accepting, saying that the clothing is increased vigilance in the face of vulnerable situations. “Employing preventative measures is sometimes a necessary evil,” argues one writer.

Whether you’re for or against, this most recent venture is certainly not the first.

There is the Rape-aXe, which is inserted by the woman, like a tampon and comprises of a latex sheath containing “razor-sharp barbs”. There are also the “electric-shock” undies developed earlier this year.

One in five women and one in 20 men in Australia have experienced sexual violence after the age of 15. This is a shocking statistic and the rates around the world are often even worse.

Stopping rape is a collective issue, yet anti-rape wear offers a one-sided, female-centric solution. And despite the best intentions of anti-rape product developers with concepts like these, you have to wonder whether there’s the very real risk of turning a very serious issue into a very big joke.

Lisca Fashion Alegra Lingerie

It’s all about minimalism cute plus size lingerie right now, which is why we are loving the new season repeat of the Alegra series for AW 2017. Catered for all with a large range of sizes available, the Algera series is a flawless collection and serves as a day-to-night staple with a choice of seductive black and nude colours to blend with your skin.

The beauty of Algera series is the minimal details that radiate with luxury and style offering you that discreet look when worn under tight clothes. From the simple panel details to the smooth lines and seamless edges, the Algera series seamlessly blends into your outfit for a concealed look, even when worn under a white blouse.

Those with a soft spot for sewn bras will find an attractive wired bra in the range with sizes up to a G cup.

The foam cup bras offer the upmost support for larger breasts as well as forming a nice cleavage whilst still giving you that concealed look under tight outfits. The foam cup bras can be ordered in sizes up to H.

Additionally, Algera boasts of two special occasion bras; the push-up bra features a new cup shape with less padding for a more natural look and the smooth balconette bra, which can be ordered up to an E cup.

Why not pair up with the stylish knickers in the series, with elasticised waist for comfort and leg cut design to fit perfectly under that little black dress?

Take a look at the pics cute plus size lingerie below and these should land on the shelves towards the end of Summer.

Maison Lejaby celebrate 130th birthday. A history lots of lookbook covers

Masion Lejaby cute plus size lingerie celebrate their 130th birthday this year and the journey has taken them from creating insulating material for underwear to the current range of gorgeous modern French lingerie. Here’s a look at the journey and some lookbook covers from the past.

Back in 1880 a gentleman called Louis Neyron invented a new insulating material that was promoted for its hygienic properties and used it to create a new range of undergarments. At that time, medical endorsements were worth their weight in gold, so Louis joined forces with a Doctor Rasurel, who lent his name to the first French undergarments range.

The result of this collaboration was a range of underpants, undershirts, slippers and kneepieces that were an instant success.

Louis died in 1917 and his powerful feminist wife Felicie de Champollon took over the business and created the companies first lingerie which included combinations, petticoats, corsets, briefs.

During the Roaring Twenties Pierre Neyron joined the company and started to revolutionise the styles. In 1927 Rasurel launched their first Swimwear range and they used clever advertising along holiday routes and at events like the Tour de France which turned Rasurel into a household name in France.

The late 20’s was the start of the golden age of screen and women such as Marlene Dietrich and Ginger Rogers were seen floating across the screen in black frills and swirling veils and bras were becoming much more popular and a guy called Marcel Blanchard was running a cinema called “Les Varietes”.

Marcel’s sister-in-law, Gaby was entranced by these movies and in her backroom she tries her hand at making her first brassieres.

Gaby’s brassieres were an instant success and her first name becomes the inspiration behind the brand Lejaby which was created by Marcel in 1930.

After the war there was a resurgence of femininity and elegance and Lejaby started using new technologies and materials such as Nylon and the company began to gain a worldwide reputation. Sadly Gabby died in 1954 but the Blanchards carried on and by 1958 there had 400 people working at their Bellgarde factory.

After another death, this time Marcel, the company was bought by brothers Maurice and Charles Bugnon who were real entrepreneurs and they worked out an exclusive deal with American company Du Pont de Nemours to use one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century: Lycra!

The first bra to be made with Lycra was launched under the name of Miss Top in 1965 and was a massive success selling 3 million units. It was completely revolutionary at a time when change for women was happening all over Western Europe.

In 1966 the Bugnon brothers bought out Rasurel joining the companies together.

This was the burn-your-bra era and Lejaby managed to capture the spirit of this liberation by launching its Liberty line, with a strap line, “Charm, seduction, beauty”.  The bra was non-wired and was the first to come in a range of different colours – a choice of 6!

The whole of the 80’s was growth time for the brands and they capitalised on this growth by recruiting actress Isabelle Adjani, a huge star of the day, to help launch their Eglantine collection. The collections were bang up to date and very bold in typical 80’s styling.

During the 90’s Lejaby was experimenting with microfibres and in 1995 launched the seamless and invisible Nuage bra which has seen over 15 million sales to date. In the same year Maurice Bugnon died and in 1996 Lejaby & Rasurel were bought by American firm Warnaco who merged the company into one single entity, Lejaby.

The early years of the 21st Century saw many in the lingerie industry move to manufacturing offshore and this put a lot of price pressure on the likes of Lejaby. In 2008 the company was sold to the Palmers Group. Lajaby resisted the sale as they didn’t want to loose their skilled workers and lace making facilities. The sale took place and the brand stated to loose loyal customers, had to make redundancies and found itself in serious difficulties.

In January 2012 the second in charge of the Chantelle Group and CEO of La Perla, Alain Prost, took over the running of the company.

Aware of the long cute plus size lingerie history of the company and the talent of designers he changed the name of the company to Maison Lejaby and bought back the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Lingerie booms with return of the girdle

Gwyneth Paltrow likes it doubled up. Jessica Alba swears by it. And Mel B is using it in her quest to compete with her size zero singing rivals on the Spice Girls tour.

The “it” is shapewear – the 21st century’s take on the old-fashioned girdle that has burst on to the lingerie scene with annual sales of £135m in the UK alone. Millions of British women know that it’s their only salvation when squeezing into this season’s waist-centric fashions. New figures show demand for shapewear, which includes Trinny & Susannah’s best-selling magic knickers and control pants from Marks & Spencer, has surged by a fifth in the past four years. Lingerie experts estimate that up to 80 per cent of British women seek help from nylon-spandex undergarments to smooth out unwanted lumps.

Spanx, the US brand started by Sara Blakely with the help of Oprah Winfrey in 2000, is a best-seller for lingerie specialists such as Figleaves.com because it is so popular with Hollywood A-listers. Gwyneth Paltrow wore two of Spanx’s girdles to fit back into her Seven jeans after giving birth to her daughter Apple. Spanx, which has annual sales of $150m (£75m), saw its UK sales double between 2005 and 2006. Other celebrity advocates of body-shaping underwear, either to appear impossibly svelte or to give to them curves in the right places, include Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett.

In the UK, Kylie Minogue thanked her dress for its support at the recent Q Awards, prompting Grazia magazine to crow: “We suspected she, like us and every curvy-conscious A-lister on the planet, is using fashion’s latest – and gloriously invisible – secret weapon: control pants.”

Denise Fraser, Figleaves.com’s lingerie buyer, said: “In the past, shapewear was something your mother wore but now there is no longer that barrier.” The return of the waist via nipped-in suits and high-waisted trousers and pencil skirts means many women need to define where their hips end and their chest begins. Figleaves.com said sales of Rago Waist Cinchers have soared by more than 200 per cent from last year.

Like most body-conscious cute plus size lingerie trends, the female love affair with shapewear was rekindled in the US, where the sector is worth $735m a year and growing at 6 per cent, according to the NPD research group. The lingerie helps women to drop up to two dress sizes without going near a gym or on a diet.

Lingerie buyers get lessons in taking it off sexily

A Paris department store cute plus size lingerie is offering free lessons in striptease today to female customers of its revamped lingerie department.

Men should not bother to turn up at Galeries Lafayette. Women who wish to receive lessons on how to undress sexily for their husbands or boyfriends will be shown into a private room. Prurient male eyes will be excluded.

“When you buy lingerie, you want to show it off but you have to know how to show it off,” said a spokeswoman for the store. “We want to teach women how to take off their clothes for their men. It’s not easy to take off your trousers without looking ridiculous.”

The one-day offer is a publicity stunt for the expanded lingerie department, which Galeries Lafayette claims to be the largest in the world.

The lessons will be provided by a professional striptease artist called Léa who runs a strip and seduction school in Paris. “We are aiming at women who want to play the seductress, to give their relationship a bit more pep or as a surprise for their man,” Léa said. “We will be explaining how you should always unbutton your blouse from the bottom … and how not to get your skirt snagged in your high heels.”

The store spokeswoman cute plus size lingerie said the lessons were meant to be “light-hearted, funny and laid-back … Women can be feminist, independent and still like to have a bit of fun with their man.”

Push-up bras set for lingerie comeback

The nineties has seen cute plus size lingerie a fashion resurgence of late; think grunge glam and CK-worthy denim. The one hold-out area? Bras – or so we thought.

In recent years, padded cups have been replaced with triangle bras, sheer fabrics and a more natural-looking silhouette but, according to experts, the push-up bra is about to make a comeback.

Read moreBlack trans model fronts lingerie brand’s body positive campaignLast month, fashion Bible Vogue declared that the cleavage had finally seen its day, as women fought back against the judgement of social media.

While women have heralded soft cup styles and non-underwired numbers as the new bra in town, it seems the lingerie industry has other ideas.

Instead, it looks like we’re unduly resigned to prodding wires, on-show bosoms and another circa-1994 Hello, Boys phase.

If you thought we’d come a long way since Wonderbra’s traffic-stopping billboard then you were wrong.

“I think the push-up bra is going to come back” Sarah Shotton, creative director at Agent Provocateur told WhoWhatWear.

If the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is anything to go by, she could be on to something.

For the Angel brigade, push-up bras are a 24/7 essential and model Stella Maxwell agrees.

For decades, the cleavage’s function has been an essential part of looking glamorous but, it also created a blockade against being taken seriously.

Take the recent casting cute plus size lingerie call that actress Rose McGowan criticised for being sexist.

Nanny jailed for trying to poison lingerie tycoon

A nanny formerly cute plus size lingerie employed by the Ann Summers lingerie tycoon Jacqueline Gold was jailed yesterday for trying to poison her boss in a “calculated and deceitful” manner. In an attack Judge Christopher Critchlow described as “totally bizarre”, Allison Cox spiked her employer’s food with screen-wash in an attempt to discredit the family’s chef, whom she hated.

Cox, 33, who entered the dock sobbing, looked stunned as she was told she would be jailed for 12 months after admitting the attack.

Her crime was made worse, prosecutor Rachel Davies told Guildford Crown Court, because Cox had been treated as “part of the family”, entrusted with looking after Ms Gold’s daughter, Scarlett, whose twin, Alfie, had died aged eight months.

The court heard that Cox, who had handed in her notice in September last year because she had problems getting on with chef Patricia Edwards, had initially put excessive salt in Ms Gold’s meal. A few days later she added too much sugar, which the Ann Summers chief executive was not supposed to eat for medical reasons.

On 5 October, she laced two bowls of asparagus soup with screen-wash then took to Ms Gold for lunch. The substance contained chemicals which, the court heard, could have “serious toxic side-effects” if ingested, as well as causing nausea, gastrointestinal problems and even heart failure.

Ms Davies said: “Ms Gold took one mouthful, and in her words, instantly knew there was a chemical in her soup and was very strong.”

When pressed, Cox, who has one child, admitted administering the substances to Ms Gold’s food on the three occasions because she “hated Pat”. She was arrested the day after the last incident and told police: “I didn’t mean to poison her. I just thought it would smell funny or taste funny and ruin her lunch.”

Tim Leete, for the cute plus size lingerie defence, said the attack was not premeditated because Cox had not known she would be asked to take the soup to Ms Gold, and the screen-wash “was simply something that she happened to have in her car that day”.

Cute plus size lingerie Five Critical Points to Look For in a Women’s underwear

Feeling cute plus size lingerie excellent and looking excellent is extremely important for a female. First, she would want to be at ease in her personal skin that no matter what she puts on she will still be a doll to absolutely everyone. But getting in a position to glimpse excellent which finally leads to feeling excellent does not have to be that problematic.

All a female needs is a couple of things that will bring out the greatest in her and a single of these things is the help underwear for women.Help underwear women or typically acknowledged as undergarment is a basic necessity for women’s each day use. All women would want to at ease in her clothes and most specially on the region of her system which is regarded as as the most delicate and focal region of getting a female. So when they determine to buy a piece, these couple of core things must be stored in thoughts to be in a position to get the greatest women’s underwear.

Top quality- Undergarments should be of greatest top quality. This small piece could be the smallest issue that women would use underneath their clothes but it is the foundation of getting in a position to really feel excellent. Underwear must stand the test of time and should not use off quickly. They should match properly and give the greatest form on the reduced part of the system.

Dimensions- Use the proper size. It is in no way excellent to use some thing which is as well loose or as well tight. It is important that the underwear would match your buttocks and private region properly so that it would not really feel uncomfortable at the bottom. You will not also have to worry about folds and creases on your pants since the underwear hugs your system genuinely properly.

Price- Most people would say that price tag equates top quality. That could be genuine at occasions but you can still locate many underwear that is priced just proper and is still of excellent top quality. Selling prices should be regarded as so that you would know how you are investing for this garment. It is vital as properly to know this so that you will turn out to be a sensible purchaser and not just go with the circulation with what is “in” in the market.

Extra Functions- cute plus size lingerie This apparel garment want not be extravagant but it needs to have functions that will make it far more desirable on the eyes of women. It should not only give cover but it should also improve the glimpse of women. It all rests on the production and material top quality of the underwear that gives it a unique edge about other sorts of undergarment.